"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Eye on Sports" - Sunday, July 12th

"Eye on Sports" with Bill McNeil

Sunday, July 12th, 1981

 Ted Williams once said, "Just keep going. Everybody gets better if they keep at it." Well, Teddy Baseball knew a thing or two about the Woodpeckers of Sinkwood, didn't he? And those little Peckers proved him right yesterday with a 3-0 victory over the Jailbirds of Corcoran. Sinkwood had their highest single-game run and hit totals this year, providing fans with much hope that the season has finally started to turn around.
 The offensive outburst was highlighted by shortstop Jermaine Lynnstock's 2 for 4 effort, which included a solo homerun into the left field stands. Pitcher Mason Hughes again electrified the crowd with another dominant performance, throwing 9 shutout innings and striking out 15. This reporter caught up with Coach Reggie Lynnstock after the game to get his thoughts on the victory.

BM: Congratulations, Coach, on your team's second victory in a row. What was your mindset before the game? That's a tough team you beat today.

RL: Godd--- right! That team's full of tough bastards!

BM: Coach, I don't think they're that bad. Maybe, the fans are a bit rude, but those players are just kids.

RL: What the hell you talkin'? All their daddies are in jail, you jive talkin', motherf-----! You can see the prison past center field! That team is fulla mean-ass, pop-ain't-around, gut-you-with-a-knife motherf------! 

BM: Coach, let us in on how you prepared your team for today's game.

RL: I promised I'd whoop they ass if we didn't get the W! 

BM: Thank yo--

RL: All these kids wanna do is play those godd--- arcade games, talkin' 'bout Asteroids all the d--- time. They're mind ain't where it needs to be! Every time I catch one of my players at that godd--- arcade I make 'em give me twenty push-ups and twenty laps around the parking lot right there! 

BM: Okay, thank you, Co--

RL: And I don't give a godd--- if they pitchin' good or hittin' the cover off the ball! You play on my team, your ass is grass and I'm the motherf------ lawnmower!

 The Sinkwood Woodpeckers have won two in a row and are on a roll. So, too, is their fiery coach. If they keep going like this, they'll be out of the basement in the standings and, just maybe, thinking about a winning season.

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