"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Linda's Special You - July 4th

July 4th

I thought him ralphing on me in front of Randy was the worse thing that could ever happen to me, but NO! I went to the Chi Omega Summer Rush party last night and just when all the girls were going to bed, we got panty raided by Greg and a bunch of masked pervs! I swatted at them as they tried to pull my panties off me and grabbed at one of their masks and ripped it off and there he was that sleazy perverted piece of shit! He kept saying he was sorry and he pleading that he didn't want to do it, yeah right!
I think that sleazebag Val Reynolds was with them, too. Vicki keeps saying he was one of them and that she kicked him in the balls. Two of them left quick in a truck, I think that was Pete Myers' truck! Of course it was...Val and Greg, OF COURSE IT WAS!!
All the girls chased Greg and the last two weirdos out of the house and then some dirty van showed up, blasting .38 Special and they jumped in and sped away.
One of them still has my new You pair! I was going to wear that on my date with Teddy Haygood next Saturday!!

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