"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Henry's Lost Weekend - July 20th

Man I don’t even know where to start. Billy’s folks havin a fight and splitting up is probably the best thing that’s happened all summer.

I met him and Arial out in the woods Friday after he ran away from home and we ended up spending the whole freakin-a weekend out there. At first I felt like I was hornin in, but Arial turned out to be pretty cool and was kinda just like one of the guys. She even told this real scary story around the campfire about a deranged lunatic that escaped from the Bryce Sanitarium years ago and is rumored to still be living in the woods around Sinkwood and feeding on wild animals and shit. I got SO SCARED when I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I heard footsteps -- but it just turned out to be a raccoon goin through my backpack and tryin to steal my Twinkies. Totally lame.

SATURDAY was even better than Friday night. We explored all over the woods -- parts of those woods I never saw before. We even found a cave that probably went on for miles into the earth. There was Satan graffiti and demonic symbols all over the entrance that was real creepy. There was also a ton of trash that looked like some older kids had been partyin in there -- BUT CHECK IT OUT: we found an ALMOST FULL thing of Jack Daniels and Billy almost shit cuz he was SO happy. We each took turns taking longer sips and it tasted so bad, but eventually Billy grew to like it and he spent the rest of the time out in the woods draining the bottle.

THEN THAT NIGHT we heard some noises out in the trees and started freaking out cuz we thought it was that escaped lunatic or our parents with the police coming to look for us or something, but it just turned out to be Arial’s friend Sally Turner who’s been writing notes to me lately and leaving them with my mom. At first she was kinda pissed at me cuz she dropped all that chili off at my house after my Asteroids night at Spaceport and I never got around to thanking her. But then -- out of the blue -- SHE KISSED ME!!! I felt really bad for dodging her all summer, but what can I say? She’s a girl. I can’t talk to her like I can BIlly. Plus my dad’s real unsure about her since her dad’s running against him for mayor in October. BUT MAN, she tasted awesome.

Sally turned out be real cool the rest of the night after she kissed me. All the ground was real dry so we kept the fire goin with the leaves and twigs and downed trees all night. Billy was even able to pick up the signal from Alvin’s on the radio he brought so we all sat around listening to “Last House on the Left”. Even though we couldn’t see what was goin on, it was still great. The girls got real freaked out by it and hugged on us real tight. It was great. I kept thinking that’s what it must be like to hug Marion Ravenwood.

Sunday we knew it was probably time to get back. Even with my dad at work all the time and Billy’s parents splitting up, we knew they would start looking for us sooner or later. We had to say goodbye to the girls who kept talking about their bug bites and needing to take showers. We started walking back to town with them, but then me and Billy decided we’d hang back a little and catch up with em’ at the mall tomorrow. They said ok and gave us one last kiss. Then me and Billy went on back to the campsite. He showed me that he still had a few sips of the Jack Daniels left and poured me a little. It tasted like acid but he made a sound like it didn’t sting at all.

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