"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"Eye on Sports" interview with Coach Reggie Lynnstock - June 28th

"Eye on Sports" with Bill McNeil

Sunday, June 28th, 1981

 Whoever said "You can't win them all" was obviously a Peckers fan and this week is no different. Yesterday's game against the Oilers of Hanson went better than expected, but the end result was the same. Chalk another one up in the loss column for Coach Reggie Lynnstock and his band of miscuing Peckers. The bright side of their 2-0 defeat? Five hits against only committing two errors. Of course those two errors were costly, late in the game flubs that allowed Hanson to finally score. One other silver lining in the loss is ten year-old Mason Hughes, who pitched a masterful, albeit wild game with twelve strikeouts, not allowing a run until the final frame. This reporter caught up with Coach Lynnstock after the game with a few questions for the embattled maestro, including his feelings on the remainder of this season and what his thoughts are on the little Valenzuela.

BM: Coach, is this loss any different than the others, knowing you might have found a gifted starting pitcher?

RL: Are you f----- crazy? We can't hit s---, Jack! What we gonna do with fine a-- pitching if we ain't got no motherf------ hitting?

BM: So, you were not impressed with your young pitcher?

RL: S--- yeah, I was impressed! That little motherf----- threw gas all damn day! But he hits for s---.

BM: Coach, what is your vision for the remainder of this season?

RL: Vision? Listen here, peckerwood, the only thing I'm seeing right now is a motherf------ four-eyed, cracker with an attitude that don't know s--- about baseball. We gonna win every damn game from here on out! If I gotsta scour the ends of the earth for some babies that can hit, that's what the hell I'm gonna do! Now, excuse me, motherf-----!

 Coach Lynnstock seems riled up and almost believable, but like someone once said, "What's done is done" and this season seems done.

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