"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

"Ladies and gentlemen, rock and roll."

Monday, June 26, 2017

Henry the Wizard - June 26th

I don’t know what happened last night at Spaceport. It’s all a real blur. All I can remember is my score kept getting bigger and bigger on the screen...and Billy standing right next to me, cheering me on and also yelling at this big crowd of kids around me to back up and give me some space. It was awsome!

I didn’t even feel like playing games last night and I hate Asteroids, which I’ve always sucked at. But Billy told me to get down to the Spaceport so I could maybe get out of this Marion crush, and the next thing I know he’s scored all these quarters from his brother Eddie and he just put one into Asteroids and told me to play it. He said just play and don't even think about it. It was so weird. It was like I took all that focus I’ve had on Marion the last 2 weeks and just put it into that game...and before I knew it, I had the high score on that machine and I was on my way to getting the store record! All these kids started crowding around me like I was Tommy or something. The Spaceport staff even put “Pinball Wizard” on the intercom, even though I wasn’t playing pinball! Eddie told me afterward that that’s an honor at the place and that some day The Who or Peter Frampton or somebody will write a song about video games. Eddie also told me I should go out to the 7-11 in Hanford with him at the end and try to qualify on their machine for the State Championship. Going to that would be rad, but I doubt I could double what I did last night. Like mom says: lightning never strikes twice! Still, Eddie said he’s going for it himself, and he’s pretty good. So with me there, I’ll at least help him even out his chances. Then Eddie could drive Billy and me to Hollywood. Shoot, man, we could maybe see Marion!

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